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What is a used iPhone?

 Is a pre-owned device that was tested and it is fully functional. 

Know that, before we sell you a used iPhone, we test 25 essential points that assure us that it is working perfectly.

So, when you buy a used iPhone, that as been tested and have warranty, you are getting it safely and for a lot less money that a new one.

They have warranty?

Yes! You can buy your iPhone with a 30-day warranty for the base price shown on the product or opt for an extended warranty. SayiPhone presents two warranty extension packages, one for 5 months (6 on total) and the other for 11 months (12 on total), which you can purchase when ordering your iPhone.

What is included when you buy 1 iPhone from SayiPhone?

All our iPhones go with box, charger and charging cable.

What is their condition?

SayIPhone is focused in deliver the best price for iPhone that you can have in market. So, we offer the best possible condition to each iPhone. Our iPhone condition can be described as:

  • Screen: Fair condition. May have scratches, however they may not be visible when the screen is on.
  • Body: May have visible signs of use, with scratches and/or dents that can be felt. However its in fair condition. 
  • Battery: Minimum 80% of its maximum capacity.

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Warranty coverage

All the Iphones are fully tested, however If you notice any defect on your device we accept the device back.

Then Your device is repaired or (if that’s not possible) exchanged free of charge.

Warranty will not be accepted if the device arrives damaged, broken or with signs of water/humidity.